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Benefits of Wearing Contacts for Sports

Glasses can be a hassle for people involved in sports. Between the risk of breakage, issues related to being unable to see if glasses are knocked off during gameplay and difficulty wearing goggles or helmets that may be necessary for some sports, the best solution is to wear contact lenses.

• Fields that are muddy and rainy conditions can cause glasses to become splattered with water or mud and may result in foggy lenses. Since contacts are placed directly on the eye, there is no need to worry about distractions caused when vision is impaired by adverse weather conditions or a messy field.

Avoid Eye Injuries

• Eye injuries that are suffered while playing sports can become worse when glasses are involved. A blow to the eye may cause damage, but a blow to the eye that causes glasses to break can mean serious scratching or cutting of the surface of the eye.

• Goggles are used in a variety of sports ranging from swimming to biking in order to protect the eyes from water or wind. Glasses make it impossible to wear protective eyewear during a game, but contacts do not interfere with goggles.

Peripheral Vision

• Glasses can only correct the field of vision that is directly in front of the lens. A lack of peripheral vision resulting from wearing glasses during a game can cause serious disadvantages on the field. Contacts provide wearers with corrected peripheral vision instead of limiting the corrected field to the area covered by glasses.

• Sports that require a lot of movement can cause glasses to slide down the nose or fall off. Even if glasses do not fall off while a player is running, jogging or jumping, the feeling of movement is distracting enough to interfere with success on the field. Contacts stay stable in the eye while a person is playing a game.

• Some contact lenses are disposable and are intended to be used for one day. While glasses need to be kept in good condition for a year or two, disposable contact lenses do not require this kind of care. Wearers do not have to worry about damage to the contact lens during gameplay.

Contact lenses are ideal for sports players because of an increased field of vision, a reduced possibility of eye injury and a compatibility with safety equipment. Contacts provide players with fewer distractions and can improve the performance of players who normally wear glasses.