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Cleaning Tips for your Contacts

Taking care of Your Lenses

Contact Lenses should be treated no differently than other things you spend your money on. Protect your hard earned dollar by taking great care of your lenses and ensuring that you get the longest and most comfortable use out of every pair. I know people who wear their lenses 20 to 40 percent longer than suggested because they maintain them properly! This can save you hundreds of dollars a year on contacts.Proper care of contact lenses will help you to avoid eye irritations and ensure that you’re treating your eyes and your sight properly.┬áMost of the tips below are common knowledge for those familiar with contact lenses; however, individuals new to contact lenses and even seasoned professionals can benefit from a quick review.

Your vision is a vital component to your health and well being. Always get the most out of your contact lenses by following the suggestions below.

Contact Lens Care

Keep your lenses clean. Keeping your lenses clean avoids the all too common protein buildup on lenses. Clean lenses protect you against eye infections and ensures that your vision will be at it’s best. Do not bleach your lenses and always use the manufacturer’s recommended lens cleaning solution. If you’re wearing colored lenses, protein buildup can cause dimmed or discolored hues.

Keep your eyes moist. Use a saline solution to help your eyes keep a good balance of moisture and tears. Using a saline solution can reduce the common complaint of ‘dry-eye syndrome’.

Make sure that your prescription is up to date. An incorrect prescription can not only negatively affect your vision, but it can do so permanently . The wrong prescription can cause eye strain and headaches. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, consult your eye doctor.

Don’t Sleep in Your Contacts

Don’t sleep with your contacts in. This rule is not as firm as it once was, thanks to the development of extended wear lenses. Infections have been reported with the use of these lenses. If you are prone to eye infections or irritations, consider using daily wear lenses instead. With newer lenses you can usually sleep in your lenses. This is not for everyone though. If your eyes are irritated when you wake up, stop sleeping in them immediately and talk to your eye doctor.

Know your lenses. Be familiar with the type of lens you’re wearing and always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Follow the recommended cleaning schedule and always throw away disposables at the recommended time.
Proper contact lens care ensures that you are getting the most out of the product you buy. Your vision will be crisper and your pocketbook will benefit by getting the longest and best use out of your contact lenses at all times.