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Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contact Lenses

It’s amazing how humanity’s innovative genius has propelled scientific advances in advancing customization to benefit each individual contact lens user—as in the case of RGPs or “rigid gas permeable” lenses. RGPs are hard lenses providing clearer vision than soft lenses. Patients needing precisely fitted eye prescriptions generally prefer RGPs.

What Are RGPs Made Of?

RGP lenses are made from cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB). The key idea here is: RGP is a highly permeable silicone-based hydrogel that affords superior comfort for contact users.

How so? Because these lenses are permeable, they:

  1. allow a free flow of oxygen through to aerate the iris
  2. enable ocular liquids to pass through easily

    all of which maximize comfort for RGP wearers.

    Who Are RGP Users?

    RGP lenses are preferred by those who are:

    1. active people requiring contacts that fit snuggly on their iris without popping off intermittently
    2. athletes who need to see with sharp precision in order to perform well
    3. people with special optical needs such as mild astigmatism because of the precise fitting that these steadier optic lenses provide for sharp vision
    4. looking for smoother lenses that help sensitive and dry eyes
    5. selecting lenses that are non-sticky while also being luxuriously smooth to wear
    6. choosing durable, longer-lasting lenses for more cost savings over the long haul—especially if their prescriptions don’t change in two to three years
    7. compared to soft lenses, RGPs don’t tear as easily and are great for teens
    8. looking to minimize debris from torn contacts that fester and possibly lead to eye infections
    9. people who want to spend less time cleaning and maintaining their contact lenses

    How to Care for RGPs

    Just two steps:

    1. Gently wiping clean with a cleaning solution
    2. Placing them in a disinfectant liquid until you put them on again.

    Downsides to RGPs

    As with anything in life, challenges using RGPs include:

    1. Getting used to them initially
    2. Having to use them frequently, because they lose their shape if not worn over a week.

    Nevertheless, many prefer RGPs over soft lenses for comfort, convenience and value.