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15 Reasons to Wear Contacts Instead of Glasses

Thinking about switching from your day to day glasses to contact lenses? We give you 15 compelling reasons to switch to contact lenses.

1. Convenience is the single most important reason to choose contact lenses over eyeglasses. Can you imagine having to always tote along eyeglasses (a pair of sunglasses and another for reading) in bulky cases compared to the smaller cases of contact lenses? Although smaller case sizes may drown in a full backpack, it’s a cinch to place in a breast pocket for easy retrieval anytime.

2. Have you had it with wiping off moisture from fogged up eyeglasses—painstakingly drying off raindrops dripping down your glasses while out hiking on a rainy day? With contacts, extra moisture from the environment actually helps your eyes stay naturally moist.  Looking for a great pair of contacts to wear in the rain?  Try out the Sofmed Breathables.

3. Are you someone who requires changing prescriptions yearly? Then you may find it more cost-effective to switch to contacts.

4. Are you sticky about super sharp vision that corrective glasses can’t seem to offer? You may thrill to RGP lenses or rigid gas permeable lenses to define visual acuity—for precision viewing from thimble-wide lenses.

5. Do you wish never ever to keep pushing your glasses back up your nose? Then, contacts can save you expending pounds of exasperation energy.

6. While sweating profusely on a hot summer day with foggy glasses slipping down the nose, many have found favor with contacts—and merely blinking away sweat.

7. When you crave to razzle-dazzle, try wearing contacts that come with floral motifs—with your iris peering through red or orange petals.

8. Like to change the color of your eyes to confuse a person you’re seeing for a second date? That’s easy to do with cosmetic contacts. And more sexy, compared to nerdy glasses.

9. Think it’s exorbitant to get contacts when faced with special ocular needs such as presbyopia, after cataract surgery or dealing with recurring eye infections? Think again. Because single-use disposable contacts prevent inflammation, plus minimize and speed up healing these conditions.

10. If you manifest keratoconus or an irregular conical shape of the cornea, glasses may be of no help. However, contacts conform nicely on the cornea, regardless of shape.

11. The fact that disposable contacts do not require care and maintenance, unlike accidentally squashing glasses, means you need never fear of not being able to see with backup contact lenses.

12. If you’ve got astigmatism, toric contacts will help sharpen your vision with more acuity; glasses may not correct this condition as precisely as contacts.

13. If you’re an athlete, for example a ball player, you’ll need peripheral or side vision to play with more precision. That’s where contacts provide the edge in addition to being safer during rough playing. Glasses don’t provide peripheral vision and break very easily while roughhousing.

14. Active and sporty types also prefer corrective vision aids that don’t fall off easily; glasses do. Once contacts are securely attached, they’re protected by eyelids and blinking.

15. If you prefer to doff chic, stylish sunglasses a la James Bond, then contacts allow you to enhance your appearance with designer sunglasses.

So there you have it.  Convinced yet?  If so head over to our homepage to buy affordable contact lenses.