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Contact Lenses: Your Eyes Hold Secrets

Contact Lens Facts

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Anybody who has less than 20/20 vision is likely aware that contact lenses provide a useful solution to an often fuzzy world. While glasses have their time and place, there is something special about being able to see the world with peripheral vision as part of the experience. While you might know a little something about the origin of contact lenses and you’re highly aware of their use in your life, did you know about these special little facts that these tiny curves of eyewear hold?

For example, the person credited with inventing the idea for contact lens is none other than the esteemed Leonardo da Vinci. He postulated about having a special piece of glass fitted over the eye for sight correction back in 1508 – over three hundred years before the idea came to fruition!

Technology in Contact Lenses

Contact lenses make the world clearer, but they can also help those who are colorblind see the world in an entirely new hue. Contact lenses that are fitted with “x-Chrome” technology – basically a fancy way of saying that the lens is actually tinted red – will intensify greens and reds, which are the most troublesome colors to distinguish for those who suffer from colorblindness.

If you can wear your contact lenses for a long period of time without irritation, thank science – one of the reasons why contact lenses can stay in your eyes for so long is due to their breathability. The first contact lenses were actually made from glass and could be worn for no longer than a couple of hours without serious eye irritants.

Contact lenses help you see the world in a clearer light. But with this information in hand, you’ll be able to see the light about contact lenses more clearly, as well!