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How often should you check your prescription?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Whenever you get diagnosed with any sort of eye defect, whether it s myopia or hypermetropia, you are given a prescription by your doctor.  This prescription is necessary to order contacts.  Although you may already have a prescription for eye glasses, you will need a different one for lenses.  You need to be fitted for contacts.

Buying contact lenses online is no different than buying prescription drugs, therefore you need a prescription. So it is very important to keep checking your prescription and getting it updated because the conditions of the eye keep on changing and along with it change the requirements of an affected optical system.  Plus you will only be allowed to buy contacts if your prescription is less than a year old.  Although this doesn’t seem fair to consumers, it is to ensure your vision hasn’t worsened (or improved for that matter).  I will touch upon this more later.

Expiration of the Prescription

The prescription is often referred to as Rx.  The Rx that is used as basis to buy the contact lenses is not a document that you can use forever.  There are time limits to prescription as well, just like medicines. In the U.S the prescriptions are valid for only one year by law.

You cannot buy contacts with an expired prescription.  After the prescription has expired you need to get it updated. Your ophthalmologist will verify that the contacts that you are using are not affecting the eyes adversely. If the minute eye examination shows negative results, then there is a probability that the lens material, size or shape is not in sync with your eyes.

There is a misconception that online vendors will sell you contact lenses without a prescription.  You should avoid any store that is willing to sell you lenses without a prescription.  These stores are usually shady and could be selling knock-off lenses, because no lens manufacturer will ship contacts out to shops that don’t check for prescriptions.  If you are concerned that you may not be able to afford getting a checkup every year, consult with your doctor.  A lot of vision centers have special rates for those without insurance, and sometime hold walk-in specials for a reduced rate.

Introduction to disposable lenses

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Disposable contacts work precisely as their name suggest.  Just open the package, insert the lenses and enjoy perfect vision for the remainder of the day.  When  it is time to take them out , simply toss them in the trash assuming they are dailies.  By using disposable contact lenses, you highly reduce your risk of eye infection as you will always be wearing a fresh pair.  In addition, disposable lenses are maintenance free and require no solution or special storage.  Keeping your lenses clean is key to avoiding eye infections and getting more bang for your buck.

If you live an active life style, or are constantly switching back of forth between eye glasses and contact lenses, daily disposable lenses are likely for you.  Disposable lenses allow you to put them in, and get rid of them on the go no matter where you are.  If you only wear contacts periodically, or wear your glasses equally as often as your contacts then you can greatly reduce your maintenance efforts by using disposable contact lenses.  If your eyes are comfortable with contacts weekly or bi-weekly disposables might be right for you.  They are a little thicker and contour to your more easily.  As long as you keep them clean you can wear one pair of bi-weekly’s sporadically over the course of several months with no worries.

In addition to daily disposable lenses, there is also short term pair that require some maintenance but is designed for longer use (which I touched upon earlier).   A weekly or monthly pair of disposable contact lenses is designed to be worn for longer periods, but when you are done you can simply toss them in the bin and put in the next pair.  These longer lasting lenses are designed to offer an alternative to long lasting soft lenses reducing chances of eye infection.  In addition to reduced chance of eye infection, extensive maintenance isn’t required on these pairs.  Although keeping lenses clean and protein free is simple and quick, you need to be vigilant about doing it daily.  Five minutes of daily maintenance will suffice to keep these lenses in tip-top shape for the period of time you require their service.

If you prefer soft lenses but have  hard time keeping them clean, then disposables are likely for you. Most mild cases of vision issues can be fixed by disposable lenses, and it is highly encouraged you try them to keep your eyes clean.  Of course, you should always check with your eye doctor of you are unsure about what type of lenses are for you.  There are so many more brands of lenses than there were 5-10 years ago.

How to clean contact lenses

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Contact lenses are a great, reasonably affordable method for improving your vision.  Although most contacts are disposable and moderately affordable to replace, they should be cared for properly (not to mention they go in your eyes, obviously you want them in tip top shape!).  Taking a few extra minutes a day to thoroughly clean your lenses can add weeks or even months to the lives of your lenses.

So when you shop for contacts and especially when you buy soft lenses always do so with a readiness to work to keep these lenses in good shape.  The maintenance of the contacts has a very important constituent of keeping the contacts clean.  Your soft lenses are very vulnerable to dust and microorganisms that can cause decay and damage to the lens material.  Thus it becomes very important to clean the contacts so as to extract the best possible service from them.  Over time protein can also build up the in contacts.

Here are simple step by step instructions on how to properly clean your contacts:

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Remove the contacts from your eyes into the lens case.
  3. Next take one contact lens from the case and then place this lens onto the palm of recessive hand (left for right handler and vice versa)
  4. Buy a good quality contact lens solution;  and use this solution to wet the lens on the palm of your hand.
  5. Use the index fingertip of your opposite hand to gently rub the solution- dipped lens back and forth. DO not rub in CIRCULAR MOTION.
  6. Repeat the above with the other lens.

The soft contacts have the flexible property of being flipped inside out and thus buying soft lenses eases the process of cleaning.  Also you must be careful to check the expiration date when you buy the contact solution.  You must be careful not to use too much of contact solution as the lens might be submerged in it, making a complete mess of things.

The rubbing done should be extremely gentle, as there is always a risk of tearing or damaging the soft lenses if done vigorously.  Also when buying soft lenses online you must also buy a contact solution that is the right match for the contacts.  If you tear your lens DO NOT put it back in your eye.  This can lead to eye irritation and a serious eye infection.

If these precautionary steps are kept in mind and the cleaning process duly and regularly followed, the lenses will serve you very well and you shall be able to increase the life of your lenses too.  I know lots of people that use daily disposables for weeks at a time!  Proper care really goes a long way.

Contact Lens Coupon Codes for October 2009

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

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