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Getting used to contact lenses

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Although worn, the contact lenses that you buy are not as easy as the clothes, which you can easily fit into.  For first time users, wearing contacts can be like installing a new add-on to the body and therefore can take a while to get used to.  Contact lenses are artificial instruments after all and it takes a while for the eye to adjust with them.  The rate at which the eyes get accustomed to the lenses can although vary with the type of material that they are made of and also upon their replacement frequency.  Some eyes and the optical system in general are too sensitive and can take longer than usual to adjust.  When buying contacts online, one must go through the reviews of different contact lens products to get a better picture about which ones are most readily adaptable to under normal conditions.

Getting Used to Soft lenses

These types of contacts do justice to their name, as they truly are very gentle to the eyes.  Buying soft contacts is strongly recommended if you are going to use lenses for the very first time.  Soft lens pairs are made up a harmless material that is also immensely flexible.  This allows the lens to efficiently cover the cornea and adjust its size according to the size of your eyeball.  Since these lenses fit so well, they can easily adapt to your eye movements without slipping off.  The lenses are cut in to very thin layers which makes these as light as air when put on.

Getting used to soft contact lenses is no hassle at all.  Most of the users only take a day or two.  At the most, the time taken could be around a week.

Hard lenses: Low adaptability

As compared to buying soft contacts, buying the hard lenses may not be such a profitable investment.  These are not so popular among the consumers as these are beyond a shadow of doubt, less comfortable than soft lenses and are therefore more difficult to get used to.  In the past hard contacts were a very popular semi-permanent solution, but with the new soft lens technologies and low cost of them, they are a more popular option.

The material that these are manufactured from is the main culprit.  Hard lenses are meant to be sturdy and last much longer than the soft ones.  Because of this reason these are made up of a more heavy and thick material, which initially causes great strain on the eyes.

So if you are a first time lens user, a top of the head suggestion would be to go for buying contacts online as that puts a big bagful of options at your disposal.  You can even avail the benefits of cheap and discount contacts when shopping online.  It is also recommended that you go for soft lenses, as these are friendlier to the initial stages of adaptation.  Of course, you should always consult with your eye doctor about what type of lenses are best for you.

Welcome to the Contact Lenser Blog

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Welcome to the new blog for ContactLenser.  In the future you will find posts about buying discount contacts, choosing which contacts are right for you and many more useful posts about contact lenses.